Bead Styles

  • How will the liner be hung?

    Overlap LinersOverlap Liners:  There are various methods to hang a liner.  Some are overlap, in which case you will need to determine the amount of overlap necessary to hang the liner.  The amount of overlap is the extra amount of liner that will actually be needed to go up and over the top of the pool wall so that it can be secured.  Often times an overlap liner may be stapled to the top edge of the pool.  Sometimes it simply hangs over top of the wall and is then covered using a plastic coping strip that holds the liner securely to the top of the wall.

  • Beaded LinersBeaded Liners:  Bead is sealed to the top of the liner wall material so that the liner may be hung in a liner track.  The color of the liner bead should be matched to the base color of the liner for the best appearance. 


  • In-Ground Concrete CopingOn most inground pools the liner track is incorporated in the coping that is affixed to the top of the pool wall. 


  • There are many various types of bead utilized in the field.

    These are the various bead styles stocked by The Vinyl Works, Inc.

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