Steps and Benches - Thermoplastic


    The addition of steps or benches (swim-outs) to the pool can affect the liner to be installed.  We will touch on how the addition of different style steps and benches (swim-outs) effect the way that the liner should be made.  We will also provide the ordering forms needed to obtain the information needed for production and key questions you should ask when taking the order.  Remember, for proper fit, all dimensions of vinyl covered walk-in stairs, cuddle coves or benches should be taken within a least 1/4 of an inch.
    Thermoplastic Steps Vinyl Covered Steps
    Straight Straight
    Radius Radius
    Roman Inside Corner Step
    Inside Corner Wedding Cake
    Swim-Outs, Cuddle Coves and Benches Swim-Outs, Cuddle Coves and Benches

  • Thermoplastic Steps - Straight


    When a straight thermoplastic step is located on a straight wall of the pool, there is no effect on the liner.  Example:  16x32 2' radius rectangle with an 8' thermoplastic center end stair.  If you note the step location on the order the sidewall seam may be placed in this location if requested.


    When a straight thermoplastic step is located on a wall that is not straight, you must note the exact location of the step so that the perimeter of the liner can be adjusted and a step patch can be inserted into the liner to make it easier to install the liner in the step area. 


    Example:  16x32 Oval with an 8' straight thermoplastic step center shallow end.  This step location will shorten the overall length of the shallow end approximately one foot.  You would need to provide the following dimensions:  A to C, A to D, B to C, B to D and E to F.

    Oval Pool with Straight Thermosplastic Step Center

    Example:  16x32 Oval with an 8' straight thermoplastic offset shallow end.  You would need to provide the following dimensions:  A to C, A to D, B to C, and B to D.

    Oval with Straight Thermosplastic Step on Side


    • Thermoplastic Steps - Radius

    • Radius Thermoplastic steps will not effect the liner unless they are a different radius than the pool wall.  Example:  pool wall is 27' radius, step is 9' radius.  The step is a tighter radius than the pool wall, therefore it will jut out of the pools shallow end area resulting in a larger liner perimeter.  Make note of the step radius size and location on the pool to insure proper fit.  (See measurements that must be provided in Example of 16x32 oval w/offset straight polymer step above).


      • Thermoplastic Steps - Roman

      • Roman thermoplastic steps are normally placed on a straight wall and should be located on the liner order primarily for liner seam location.  Take note on Roman vs. Patrician Pools with a Roman Thermoplastic step.  A Roman pool is one with two bowed ends not including the step.  A Patrician pool is a pool with only one bowed end with a straight shallow end wall.  Typically, Roman Thermoplastic steps are placed on Patrician pools to gain the overall Roman End effect.


        • Thermoplastic Steps - Inside Corner

        • Thermoplastic inside corner steps effect the liner.  It is necessary for the factory to install a step patch where this inside corner step is being placed.  Therefore, it is necessary to provide the liner shop with the step dimensions and exact placement within the pool wall.  Diagonals to locate the stair patch for inside corner steps should be taken at both sides of the break-over to both sides of the stair patch as shown below.


        Thermoplastic Inside Corner Step


        • Thermoplastic Steps -Swim-Outs, Cuddle Coves and Benches

        • Thermal plastic Steps and Benches do not effect the liner if they are located on an exiting straight wall of the pool.  Occasionally,  they will be located on a diagonal, similar to the placement of a thermoplastic inside corner stair.  If this is the case, you will need to provide the same information as the placement of an inside corner step.




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